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Don't replace or remodel...REFINISH! 

                                                                                         By resurfacing your hard surfaces, you can save up to 75% of the cost of replacing or remodeling. Our refinishing method is a safe and cost effective way to revamp, restyle, and restore all your hard surfaces.

Benefits of Resurfacing

Resurfacing can extend the life of your bathtubs, counter tops, sinks, appliances, and more for up to 20 years. Resurfacing allows you to save on the cost of expensive replacements and the hassle and mess of remodeling. Update the appearance and color of your hard surfaces overnight with little downtime and no mess. Resurfacing is quick, easy, and durable while bringing new life back to old surfaces. If it is scratched, chipped, cut, sliced, burned, broken, cracked, tarnished, scuffed, or just worn out, resurfacing can transform it to its original condition!

We're able to resurface the following:

Bathtubs, Showers & Sinks

Countertops & Cabinets

Appliances & Fireplaces

The Resurfacing Process

The process of resurfacing is actually fairly simple. When our technician arrives on the job site, he will carefully mask off and protect all areas around the area being resurfaced. Our technicians use a combination of paper, tape, and drop clothes to protect the surrounding space. Once the area is prepped, he will begin work. Often times this includes making small repairs, stripping old paint, or sanding down the surface. Then comes the actually resurfacing process, where our technicians use a specialized paint gun to evenly spray the surface. Once the resurfaced area is dry and set, he will remove all masking and tape. Most surfaces are ready to use again in as little as 24 hours!

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